Taking The First Step.

If someone has died at home, we will arrange to collect them and bring them into our care once the GP has given permission.  If the person has died has in a hospital or nursing home, we will arrange to bring the person who has died into our care once the death has been registered.

We can direct and advise you every step of the way.


What happens when you contact us?

  • We will ask you for details of the person who has died.  We’ll then guide you through the options you have.

  • We will arrange to collect the person who has died and bring them into our care, once the GP has given permission or a cause of death certificate has been issued.

  • We will then arrange to meet you either at your home or at our premises in Ealing, whatever suits you best.

  • Details of the funeral will then be discussed. If there are any specific instructions we are more than happy to accommodate them or if you are unsure of what you would like we can talk you through our services. A written estimate will be provided so you know the costs upfront.

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