Our Funeral Services.

Bespoke funerals at affordable prices

There are 14 funeral director branches in our Borough! 5 of these are either associated with or are part of corporate firms. 4 of this 5 are part of the country’s largest corporates. Another 4 are Independent but are very large independents/corporate firms. Then there are 5 small family run Independent funeral directors with either 1 or 2 branches that cover the area, and cover it well. Only 2 of these are ‘Good Funeral Guide’ recommended and have prices clearly displayed on their websites, one of them has signed the ‘Fair Funeral Pledge’.

We are the Only ‘Fair Funeral Pledge’ funeral director in our Borough. Our prices are the lowest locally yet our service is never compromised.  Our clients will always get 100% of our attention.  If you have any questions then please call us for a no obligation chat.




When arranging a funeral, the costs are divided into two parts – funeral directors’ fees and disbursements, which are third party costs which we pay on your behalf. You’ll see the costs of our local Crematoria here, but please call me to get a quote for other locations.

Our fees are as follows:

Professional Fees
Collection of the person who has died Daytime during normal working hours
£150 or £250 (out of hours)
Coffin From something simple to a bespoke design or a natural coffin
From £375
Hearse Our classic black Daimler
Limousine For the first 2.5hrs then £50 per hour thereafter
Preparation Washing, dressing, no embalming
Embalming Only if required
Additional Venue If the coffin is taken to another location before the committal takes place
Pall Bearers each Family can provide themselves

Third party costs

Mortlake Crematorium Early morning
Mortlake Crematorium From 10:00am
Hendon Crematorium
Minister fees
From £220
Celebrant Humanist/ Non-Religious/ Spiritual
From £220
Doctors Fees for Cremation No fees if Post Mortem taken place
Organist at Crematorium
from £120
Organist at Church or seperate venue
from £120

Burial Costs:
The cost of burial varies greatly by borough, and depends on whether the resident and the person purchasing the grave were residents of the borough. It can be quite complicated, so please see below or ask for advice:

Ealing Borough Cemeteries: Resident or Non Resident Purchaser and Resident Deceased £2700 Grave for 1 or £2875 for 2. Resident Purchaser and Non Resident Deceased £3670 Grave for 1 or £3895 for 2. Both Non Resident Grave for 1 £5400 or £5750 for 2.

Brent Borough Cemeteries: Resident Purchaser £2420 or £3696 Non Resident. Resident Deceased £770 or £1127 Non Resident. Other fees apply for 2 or 3 spaces, as does Casket Burials.

Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Cemeteries: Resident Purchaser Grave for 1 £1889 or Non Resident £3778. Resident Deceased £1417 or £2834 Non.

Kensington and Chelsea Borough Cemeteries: Resident Purchaser from £1931. Non Resident from £3862. Resident Deceased £1805, Non Resident £3610. Fees apply for large Coffins or Caskets.



Directly to any Crematorium with staff and simple coffin
£2170 + disbursements
Directly to Cemetery with staff and simple coffin
£2170 + disbursements
Directly to ANY Location early morning with staff and simple coffin (funeral must be completed before 10am)
£1670 + disbursements