Our Funeral Services.

It’ not a difficult task to place prices on a website, so I ask myself why have over 75% of the countries Funeral Directors not done so!

There is no doubt in my mind that when my prices are quoted to another Funeral Director they will just undercut them simply to get your business.

Please bear in mind, that if they have NOT advertised their prices then it must be for a reason.

I worked for many years in the Funeral Industry for a cooperate firm and gave discounts to the families who really struggled, but the attitude of that firm was simply a discounted Funeral was a discounted service.

My prices are one of the lowest locally, and they are my prices. My clients get 100% of my attention at lower than high street prices.

Please take a look below to get an idea of what prices to expect when making arrangements.

If you have any questions then please call me for a no obligation chat.

Many thanks



When arranging a Funeral, the costs are divided into two sections, Funeral Directors Fees and Disbursements. You may find from time to time that Church fees apply and differ from Church to Church. Individual Church’s may wave their fees from time to time.

My fees as follows:

Professional Fees (Discounted for Early Morning Service)
The collection of Deceased back to my Chapel of Rest Daytime during normal working hours
£150.00 or £250.00 Out of Hours
Suitable coffin
from £250.00
Hearse (No restrictions on time)
Limousine (For the first 2.5hrs then £50 per hour thereafter)
For a Service at Home or any other venue prior to Committal venue

Third party costs:

Mortlake Crematorium early morning
Mortlake Crematorium from 10:00am
Breakspear Crematorium
Hendon Crematorium
Minister fees
from £150.00
Drs fees for Cremation (no fees if Post Mortem taken place)
Organist at Crematorium
from £80.00
Organist at Church or seperate venue
from £120.00

Burial Costs:
This is a very difficult subject and almost impossible to a cost on a Grave. Each Borough charge different fees. Then each Borough will charge Resident fees or non Resident fees. If you’re decided on a Burial then you need to budget in the region of £3000.00 purely for the Grave and nothing else. You can opt for a Public Grave, but you have no control over who goes in the Grave or where it might be situated.


A Hearse Direct to Mortlake Crematorium with Staff and Suitable Coffin.
£1900.00 + disbursements
A Hearse Direct to Breakspear Crematorium with Staff and Suitable Coffin.
£1900.00 + disbursements
A Hearse to ANY Location Early Morning with Staff and a Suitable Coffin. (Funeral Must be completed before 10am)
£1500.00 + disbursements